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MW Vision of Renewable Energy Production


MW The amount of solar power plant installed in Iran


MW is the amount of solar panels installed in the world


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Solar panels ?

Today as the traditional and nonrenewable sources of energy like fossil fuels are running out day by day and since they produce lots of pollutions, energy supply has been one of the foremost issues for human societies. Industrial and technologic developments pave the ways to introduce new and applicable innovations and inventions. [1-4] Among the energy resources the easiestone to access and a free source is solar energy. Such resource utilization requires converting solar radiation (sunlight) to electrical power. This is achieved by means of photovoltaic systems. A photovoltaic system is an arrangement of components with no mobile and chemical mechanisms, designed to supply usable electric power for a variety of purposes, using the Sun (or less commonly, other light sources) as the reference source. In other words energy supply and exploitation in such systems in comparison to fossil fuel sources is more cost-effective and cleaner

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Aria Solar

Solar Home and Office Lighting

First, reduce your load! The first thing you need to do (if you haven't already) is look at ways to reduce your household electrical needs. Big waste full energy consumers are electric water heaters, stoves and heating systems

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Solar Street Lighting

This system is designed for outdoor application in un-electrified remote rural areas.The system is provided with battery storage backup sufficient to operate the light for 10-12 hours daily. The system is provided with automatic ON/OFF time switch for dusk to down operation and overcharge / deep discharge prevention cut-off with LED indicators.

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Solar Energy For Agriculture and Solar Pumps

Solar Pump Applications: -Irrigation (lift and pressurized) -Livestock (deep wells, pipeline transfer, pond and stream protection) -Aquaculture(transfer, circulation, aeration, de-icing) -Home and village supply -Medical clinics -Camp sites, vacation cabins -Water purification and treatment systems

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Hybrid Solar System

This GSM station for Hybrid solar system is working with Wind turbine and solar panel

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About Us

we make the world using in clean way ...

Aria Solar consist principally of four lines of business Energy, Telecommunication, Defense Industry, General Trade and operates in Iran. Within the Aria Solar Defense has been trading for over 6 years and it is experienced varied defense project.

Aria Solar can provide customized commercial or residential turn-key systems as well developing innovative products local, national and international.